Blog – August 28

The summer is in full swing with a town full of vacationers, bikers, endless jeeps and RVs. We got up to  Governor’s Basin in jeeps last week and the wildflowers were as great as ever!

The real estate market is improving more and more. I sold the St. Elmo Hotel three weeks ago and the new owners are thrilled to be in Ouray from San Antonio.  A month ago we sold a home on Oak Street to a couple from Kentucky. It will be an investment property until retirement. Many new properties have been listed by Ouray Brokers in the past month or so and this issue of our “Property Guide to Ouray County” is our biggest ever! Now we’ll match buyers to these properties.   The rental market has been getting tighter and tighter.  There aren’t enough residential lease properties to meet demand.  Part of that is the Revenue Mine, where more employees have been hired in the past two months.  Rents surely will go up more as the supply stays low and the demand increases.

Fall is in the air this week.  There was a little snow on the San Juan Mountains yesterday morning on the way to work in Ouray.  Today there is a feel of Fall looking up Yankee Boy Basin.  September is around the corner, fall is upon us!

FYI: Historically more than seventy percent of our sales in Ouray County happened between August and November.  Stay tuned for more real estate updates!