Spring is upon us in the high country.  Could Summer be far behind?  This is the time of year for listing properties and we’ve been listed some exciting properties all over Ouray County.  Today we listed a special 4.2 acre property with a fine log home and detached garage with guest quarters.  It is located in Dallas Meadows subdivision, probably the most popular place to live in the area. Other new listings are in the town of Ridgway, on Log Hill, and in the City of Ouray.  This should be a fun Summer showing folks all of the new properties that are available in Ouray County.  My new Associate Broker, Carl Cockle, has been busy listing and selling properties.  He has sold a listing of mine on 7th Avenue in Ouray, a fine refurbished historic structure.   Big news with me is that I had my ankle joint replaced in late January.  Soon I’ll be off of crutches and sporting a limp free gait!  Won’t that be something?  My great wife, Deb, has cared for me exquisitely and she gets all the credit for my speedy recovery.  Come to Ouray this summer and say hello, and maybe buy a bargain investment property or a retirement home for your family!

January Thaw in Ouray!

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After several snow falls and low temperatures we are now experiencing a “January Thaw”.  This is nice time of the Winter when we can actually get the ice build up to loosen its grip on steps, walkways, and sidewalks!   The holiday season was a busy one this year.  I put two properties under contract between Christmas and New Years.  One was a new listing above Oak Street, an older house with a total of five lots.  The Buyers intend to do a major remodel of the existing house.  The other property put under contract over New Years was Lotus Mountain Suites on Main Street. The new owners plan on continuing operation of a vacation rental with the property.  It is too early to know how 2014 real estate sales compared to 2013 but Ouray Brokers was up in volume by about fifty (50%) percent, a giant increase!   Hopefully 2015 will be a year to see appreciation of real estate values.  That normally happens after big sales years.  Watch Ouray Brokers as we add a couple of new broker associates in the new year.   More on that later………

Fall Is In The Air!

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 My Blog, by Tim Currin

The Summer activity is waning in Ouray.  On the drive to work yesterday there was snow on the San Juan Mountains and today it is Fall like with low hanging clouds up Yankee Boy Basin.  Traffic during the week is less than in early and mid-Summer but weekends are busy as ever. We expect temporary closures on Red Mountain Pass in September to complete the cleanup from the slide last Winter.  The Labor Day rodeo is in Ridgway this weekend with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new bleachers, which look great!  God bless the anonymous doner who made the project happen.  The 4-H auction is Saturday.  Ouray Brokers will be there to help a hard working 4-H kid out!

Three weeks ago I closed on the sale of the St. Elmo Hotel on Main Street in Ouray and just this past Monday I sold the building where O’Brien’s Pub is located.  St. Elmo is now owned by a family from San Antonio.  They are excited to bring new energy to the historic hotel.  The Bon Ton Restaurant was purchased too but only the real estate.  The business at Bon Ton is still being operated in a fine fashion by Chris Lee and his partners.  It is the best restaurant in Ouray!

Many new properties are offered in Ouray County.  Our late Summer issue of  “Property Guide to Ouray County” came from the printer a week ago.  This issue is the biggest yet with 16 pages of color listings!   Now we need to match buyers with those listings.

Historically most sales each year occur between August and November, closing as late as December.  That is confirmed by my sales history at Ouray Brokers and in a conversation with Jeanne Boots at Land Title Company.  Hold on, sales are coming in the next ninety days.  Stay tuned for more updates.

This BLOG is at and there will be weekly updates on developments in the Ouray County real estate market.  Our blog has detailed statistical data on the Ouray County real estate market.  Our quarterly publication, “Property Guide to Ouray County” is set to have an issue published in the middle of May.  A property owner who wants to get their property sold this summer needs to be in this issue!  Approximately half of the homes that were featured in our property guide last summer were sold!


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P.S.  Being the middle of winter I want to share something from Thoreau:    “I frequently tramped 8 or 10 miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or an old acquaintance among the pines”.  Amen, I think I’ll go out on snowshoes tomorrow!


Click here to download a pdf of the Market Update below.

It’s Summer!

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The summer is in full swing with a town full of vacationers, bikers, endless jeeps and RVs. We got up to  Governor’s Basin in jeeps last week and the wildflowers were as great as ever!

The real estate market is improving more and more. I sold the St. Elmo Hotel three weeks ago and the new owners are thrilled to be in Ouray from San Antonio.  A month ago we sold a home on Oak Street to a couple from Kentucky. It will be an investment property until retirement. Many new properties have been listed by Ouray Brokers in the past month or so and this issue of our “Property Guide to Ouray County” is our biggest ever! Now we’ll match buyers to these properties.   The rental market has been getting tighter and tighter.  There aren’t enough residential lease properties to meet demand.  Part of that is the Revenue Mine, where more employees have been hired in the past two months.  Rents surely will go up more as the supply stays low and the demand increases.

Fall is in the air this week.  There was a little snow on the San Juan Mountains yesterday morning on the way to work in Ouray.  Today there is a feel of Fall looking up Yankee Boy Basin.  September is around the corner, fall is upon us!

FYI: Historically more than seventy percent of our sales in Ouray County happened between August and November.  Stay tuned for more real estate updates!